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Cueris is an IT consultancy specializing in the recovery and rescue of digital transformation programs and building of advanced analytics capabilities.

What we do

Cureis’s assists their clients in overcoming program execution challenges and delivering analytics solutions to enhance business agility.

We rescue and recover digital transformation initiatives by focusing on the client’s challenges. By quickly establishing a thorough understanding of ground realities, we identify remedies in the program structure, costs, schedule and strategic imperatives. Doing so, enables us to devise recovery prescriptions tailored to your needs.

Our team helps build contextual analytics based on solid data foundations. We develop data architectures to reduce data-debt in support of quality decisions at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels. The final destination is to build advanced analytics capabilities to bolster competitive advantage.

We specialize in Agile methodology and get our clients up to speed with the latest management practices for a data-driven organization. We have deep expertise in a variety of modern technology platforms such as AWS, Azure, Tableau, Python, Snowflake and others.

Who we are

Cueris’s leadership brings extensive experience in transformational successes spanning the fianancial services, retail, and healthcare sectors.

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We would love to hear from you about your digital transformation needs and how Cueris can add value by optimizing your firm’s data infrastructure and management practices. Please get in touch with us today by emailing us at