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Past Projects

Quote to Service Delivery for Xerox

Suhas conducted an assessment for Xerox, evaluating the availability, accuracy, and accessibility of their data and applications to support customer life-cycle management from pre-sales through delivery. The client aimed to enhance the quality of customer proposals, contracts, pricing, equipment, and services delivery to improve overall customer satisfaction.

The deliverables included developing a comprehensive data model spanning the entire value chain. This involved analyzing existing platforms for quote generation, proposal development, contract management, equipment, parts, services catalogs, CRM, enterprise ERP, and service management applications and databases.

Our assessment revealed significant data gaps, including incompleteness, inaccuracies, and non-compliance with standards, along with duplication across the organization. These gaps had adverse impacts on enterprise sales and service functions, leading to time delays, inaccuracies in quotes, contract gaps, and diminished service quality.

Lexmark’s Entry into Print Services

We conducted an assessment for Lexmark to evaluate their data infrastructure as they expanded into print services alongside their existing core business. The client aimed to develop a unified CRM platform to manage the entire customer life-cycle, from pre-sale activities to equipment and print services delivery.

The assessment cataloged the informational needs for the target state data model, which would support both equipment and print services businesses. The proposed data model integrated various systems, including SAP MDM, SAP Financial Accounting, Lexmark’s internal mainframe application, Siebel, ATG eCommerce portal, and others.

Based on the assessment, we recommended implementing master data management for products, parts, consumables, customers, and vendor data to facilitate seamless integration across applications. Subsequently, the implementation of the unified CRM and master data management resulted in significant cost-savings for Lexmark, enabling them to successfully enter the print services business.

EMCs Shadow Data and Applications

Suhas spearheaded the discovery of shadow IT applications and databases across EMC’s enterprise for the CIO office. The objective was to minimize data and application redundancy to optimize resource utilization. Our effort involved cataloging shadow data and applications from various departments to pinpoint duplicated functional capabilities and data.

The assessment yielded recommendations that highlighted overlapping functional features within enterprise applications and identified data anomalies such as duplication and quality gaps. These recommendations led to significant cost savings, including the elimination of approximately 60 redundant applications and the consolidation of over 125 data islands. Additionally, we identified opportunities to reallocate 2-3% of staff across departments, offering substantial savings and efficiencies projected over the next 3-5 years.

Intact Insurance’s M&A

For Intact Insurance, our goal was to integrate three separate companies onto a single enterprise-scale strategic account management platform. Our analysis involved capturing over 1000 data attributes across various subjects, including accounts, customers, billing, bonds, terms, underwriting, and documents from each company’s applications.

The report detailed how to consolidate this data into a unified target database, accelerating the data conversion process and establishing a repository with high-quality data. The deployment of the strategic account management system facilitated the creation of a single target data repository. Furthermore, the assessment focused on defining a single target and data conversion criteria for each company to populate the target data model. This included creating a source-to-target map and documenting the necessary business rules for data conversion.

The implementation of the new platform included underwriting enhancements to improve decision timeliness and quality, as well as CRM improvements resulting in high-quality service to customers. As a result of this merger and acquisition effort, Intact Insurance achieved a 15% reduction in operating expenses while experiencing a year-over-year revenue increase of approximately 7%.