Big Data & Supply Chain: Lessons from the Wilderness

This is the second article in the series written by Suhas Marathe on EBN. Suhas writes: What many companies are beginning to realize is that technology alone cannot lead to data science-driven insights. In terms of the perspective of IT infrastructure, big data appears to be a problem that can be reduced to four variables […]

Cueris Announces “WeaveXT” – a Framework for Successful “Big” Data Implementations.

Boston, Mass., October 5, 2015 — Cueris, Inc. today announced the availability of its WeaveXT framework for contextualizing data across the corporate data food chain using an architecture driven approach. The framework prescribes a holistic, goal or solution driven data management approach from collection through to retrieval. The framework design is based on the following […]

Context – the missed side of “Big” data

Data challenges continue to occupy our mindshare, as huge time, effort and costs are being invested in finding solutions. In most cases, technology advancements seem to guide the pursuit of the right solution. This is in line with the traditional approach where information technology (IT) teams build expansive data landscapes, with business teams dictating requirements […]