Customer Purchasing Behavior

Business goal: Analysis of shopping behavior of clients to understand the baskets of products that are purchased together for an international supermarket. For more information, contact us Challenge: Purchasing behavior changes depending on age, gender, and purchasing power along with other characteristics such as weather, time of the day, month or year. The client wanted […]

Deriving insights Using Automated Text Analysis

Business goal: Unearth insights about competitors and internal processes using external communication with potential or existing clients. For more information, contact us Challenge: The data consisted of approximate 50,000 messages exchanged with potential or existing clients and would have needed at least 42 days to read all these messages at least once. The lack of […]

Sentiment Analysis of Customer Reviews

Business goal: To conduct an analysis of client reviews to gauge satisfaction with an e-commerce platform. For more information, contact us Challenge: The opinion or “sentiment” data, generated through social channels in the form of reviews often includes comments that can be invaluable for businesses looking to improve products and services, make more informed decisions, […]

Diabetic Retinopathy

Business goal: Build a comprehensive and automated method of DR screening. For more information, contact us Challenge: Clinicians can identify DR by the presence of lesions associated with the vascular abnormalities caused by the disease. While this approach is effective, its resource demands are high. The expertise and equipment required are often lacking in areas […]

MRI Brain Scan Analysis

Business goal: Automate analysis of MRI brain scan images using multi-modal features derived from brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. For more information, contact us Challenge: Today, many mental diseases do not have a well-established, non-invasive diagnosis Bio-marker. As the symptoms overlap with other mental illnesses (like bipolar disorder), the diagnosis is subjective by process […]