Upgrade on-prem software to a multi-tenant SaaS platform

Business Goal: Move an on premise data archival and application retirement platform into a cloud based SAAS platform with multi-tenancy support. Challenge: Customer sought to move from an on premise 9 node cluster based platform into cloud based Software as a Service (SAAS) platform. The goal is to offer customers cost savings from upfront costs […]

Big Data Characterization Framework

Business Goal: Build a big data characterization engine that simulates massive volumes of data to ensure timely availability of network, storage and compute capacity Challenge: With the ever growing Big data foot print, enterprises are faced with need for additional storage, network, and computing capacity. Many are struggling to keep up with or anticipate the […]

B2B Merchandise Aggregation

Business Goal: Build high throughput B2B aggregation for speedy import of fashion merchandise SKUs from multiple boutique or wholesalers to sell over the e-channel in near real time. Challenge: A high end e-commerce fashion retailer was seeking to replace its  existing data acquisition process to source large volumes of merchandise data from multiple sellers and boutiques. […]

eCommerce Recommendation Engine

Business Goal: To provide personalized recommendations based on consumer and socio-economic profile and purchase intelligence to increase up-selling and cross selling opportunities and to design personalized targeting and retargeting campaigns For more information, contact us Challenge: Consumers have short attention spans and eCommerce engines need to have the ability to keep high levels of engagement. In […]