Cloud Enablement

Selecting the 'Right' cloud services

We devise selection criteria for choosing best fit cloud services based on the customer needs. The goal is to identify ‘Right’ mix of cloud capabilities to frame the ‘To Be’ state landscape to reduce technical debt & operating costs while accelerating ‘Go To’ market speed.

Roadmap for incremental cloud enablement

We develop an incremental cloud enablement roadmap aligning the business ‘Value’ goals to cloud adaption journey. A ‘Just in Time’ approach comprising of incremental steps for a  smoother transition to the ‘To Be’ state.  

Hand holding tray with cloud computing concept

Multi-cloud Platforms

The Cloud technologies present vast set of alternatives for enabling many techno-functional capabilities beyond computer, storage or infrastucture. This presents a unique opportunity in design of the ‘To Be’ solution architecture by collating various vendor platforms.