Upgrade on-prem software to a multi-tenant SaaS platform

A Multi-tennant SaaS Platform

Business Goal:

Move an on premise data archival and application retirement platform into a cloud based SAAS platform with multi-tenancy support.


Customer sought to move from an on premise 9 node cluster based platform into cloud based Software as a Service (SAAS) platform. The goal is to offer customers cost savings from upfront costs reductions in the simplicity of maintenance and upgrade cycles. In addition, SAAS model with multi-tenancy supports multiple customers with highly scalable.


The re-architected multi-tenant solution deployed on AWS VPC/EC2 as a SaaS platform. The new architecture included Hadoop’s HDFS Federation to support multi-tenancy after rigorous workload analysis to determine fine tune the multi-tenancy strategy for Hive and Solr. The proposed deployment provided for dedicated node per customer and process per Customer. The new DevOps features automated creation and wiring of Hive, Solr, and the Platform Controller.

Technology stack: Hadoop – HDFS, Hive; Solr; Apache Tomcat

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