Upgrade on-prem software to a multi-tenant SaaS platform

Business Goal: Move an on premise data archival and application retirement platform into a cloud based SAAS platform with multi-tenancy support. Challenge: Customer sought to move from an on premise 9 node cluster based platform into cloud based Software as a Service (SAAS) platform. The goal is to offer customers cost savings from upfront costs […]

Big Data Characterization Framework

Business Goal: Build a big data characterization engine that simulates massive volumes of data to ensure timely availability of network, storage and compute capacity Challenge: With the ever growing Big data foot print, enterprises are faced with need for additional storage, network, and computing capacity. Many are struggling to keep up with or anticipate the […]

B2B Merchandise Aggregation

Business Goal: Build high throughput B2B aggregation for speedy import of fashion merchandise SKUs from multiple boutique or wholesalers to sell over the e-channel in near real time. Challenge: A high end e-commerce fashion retailer was seeking to replace its  existing data acquisition process to source large volumes of merchandise data from multiple sellers and boutiques. […]

eCommerce Recommendation Engine

Business Goal: To provide personalized recommendations based on consumer and socio-economic profile and purchase intelligence to increase up-selling and cross selling opportunities and to design personalized targeting and retargeting campaigns For more information, contact us Challenge: Consumers have short attention spans and eCommerce engines need to have the ability to keep high levels of engagement. In […]

Optimizing TV Ad Spend

Business Goal: To optimize TV commercial spends by synchronizing TV commercial spots (offline) and paid search campaigns (online) to identify best performing slots. For more information, contact us Challenge: The client’s online and offline campaigns were not coordinated and they were unable to understand the ROI on their TV commercial spends. Solution: A proprietary machine learning attribution algorithm was […]

Demand Forecasting and Capacity Planning

Business goal: Global capacity planning – Identify macro risk factors and predict demand. For more information, contact us Challenge: Picking and choosing the right set of data from a vast number of sources including social media, web forums, news sources and blogs. Solution: By first defining the context, Cueris was able to analyze data streaming […]

Continuous Patient Monitoring

Business goal: Preventing deaths in rural areas due to Cardiac Events. For more information, contact us Challenge: People living in remote, unconnected villages often have poor or no access to a physician. Unnecessary deaths are commonplace due to undetected cardiac events. Solution: LifePlot connected care framework was used to save lives. Primary health care workers […]

Forecast Sales Using Historical Data and External Factors

Business goal: Analyze historical sales growth to create forecasts. In addition, analyze sales composition and regional sales data to underline the importance of regional shops. For more information, contact us Challenge: It is a challenging task to accurately link and co-relate future sales data from the internal ERP system with historical sales data. Moreover it […]

Customer Purchasing Behavior

Business goal: Analysis of shopping behavior of clients to understand the baskets of products that are purchased together for an international supermarket. For more information, contact us Challenge: Purchasing behavior changes depending on age, gender, and purchasing power along with other characteristics such as weather, time of the day, month or year. The client wanted […]

Deriving insights Using Automated Text Analysis

Business goal: Unearth insights about competitors and internal processes using external communication with potential or existing clients. For more information, contact us Challenge: The data consisted of approximate 50,000 messages exchanged with potential or existing clients and would have needed at least 42 days to read all these messages at least once. The lack of […]