Context – the missed side of “Big” data

Data challenges continue to occupy our mindshare, as huge time, effort and costs are being invested in finding solutions. In most cases, technology advancements seem to guide the pursuit of the right solution. This is in line with the traditional approach where information technology (IT) teams build expansive data landscapes, with business teams dictating requirements […]

The retrieval (consumption or usage) side of “Big?” data

In the last two posts, we started a conversation about big data. The first post titled, “Two Sides of “Big?”  Data” described it as a challenge with two facets of “storage” and “retrieval”. The following post, “The storage side of “Big?” data” discussed the opportunities in the storage space. These posts attempted to contextualize the […]

The storage side of “Big?” data

In the previous post “Two Sides of “Big?” Data”, we took a simplistic view of “Big?” data with two facets of the challenge as storage and retrieval. This post reviews the “Storage” facet to uncover a few key realities of data accumulation. The basic premise behind the discussion is that functional use cases for storage […]

Two Sides of “Big?” Data

The ongoing pursuit of data solutions occupies mindshare of consumers, vendors and service providers alike as they invest considerable amount of time, costs and efforts. The past attempts to concur data have resulted in solutions that combined databases, applications and tools with limited success. We are still struggling with a few unresolved, persistent legacy challenges […]